Our Story

We are Hydrus, the master of water, your dedicated smart pool manager.


Based in California, our R&D team specialized in Artificial Intelligence, combine vehicle autopilot technologies with pool cleaning machine to reshape the pool maintenance industry.



Every aspect of manufacturing should be taken seriously. Our factory brings laser technology into design and manufacture, making every detail flawless.



Power isn't all, but it does matter a lot. We use high performance brush-less motor as a strong heart, applied with advanced power conversion system, to achieve at least 30% lead in parameters in all aspects compare to other brands' products.



High performance is not enough for us, reliability is the spirit of our products, it is what we value most. Our products are built to last, strong and sturdy, aimed to serve you for a long period of time.


Our goal

We strive to present cutting-edge technologies with an affordable price, freeing your hands from all the tedious maintenance work.